20 Signs You Are Headed For A Breakup

Has your relationship run its course? what are the signs of a breakup from him? Here are twenty ominous signs that are unmistakable. Relationships, like the scorching summer days are often more beautiful in our memories. Just as we forget how summer days are exhausting and stuffy, we forget how much we may feel alone … Read more

5 Easy Steps To Get Your Man To Commit

You have the perfect boyfriend, a great relationship, you’ve both confessed to each other about how you feel , but you’re still waiting to go to the next level of the relationship. Why? Is it because your man is not ready for commitment? He has not asked you to be with him for good? Maybe … Read more

Recognize An Unfaithful Man|signs He Is Unfaithful

Four out of  ten married men admit to having cheated on their wives … at least once. Infidelity affects a lot of us! But what are the signs he is unfaithful? Here’s how to recognize an unfaithful man with these signs that don’t lie! He is surprisingly nice According to Sylvie Tenenbaum, sexologist and therapist, … Read more