Top Five Most Compelling Reasons Why Men Pull Away

Men sometime need to be alone

Men have been said to be complex creatures who are difficult to understand, but this is not entirely correct, to understand a man you have to look at things from his own perspective and this includes understanding why he tends to withdraw, they a variety of  reasons that can make a man pull away and here is a list  five of the most compelling ones.

When Things are Moving too quickly

This is one good reason why men pull away, if a guy hasn’t been into any serious relationship in the past, then he is more likely to prefer taking things slower. If you have been dating for a short period and this could be in a man’s reckoning anything under a year, then bringing up topics such as marriage or having kids may give him the feeling that things are moving too quickly, this may get him scared and make him withdraw, men need a bit of time to process things like this and when they feel pressured or when a guy thinks a woman is desperate to make him commit then he is most likely to pull away.  Backing off from the marriage issue may be the remedy for this type of situation.

When He Has Hurts From His Past

Another reason that could make a guy pull away is if he still has memories of hurt’s from broken relationships, things like parents getting divorced and all that, this feelings may begin to manifest in his relationships unconsciously, especially when you want to make him commit, the key to handling this deep seated fears of his is to let him move things at his own pace, this is perhaps one of most hidden reasons why men withdraw from relationships, because it is kind of internal, you may not realize whats going on. And you may never get anywhere with using pushy tactics to make him commit.

When You are Acting Insecure and Clingy

When you are afraid or insecure about the relationship then more often that not you will tend to play out your fears in ways that may make your man pull away. For instance if you are afraid that he may leave you, then you are most likely to act out this fear in your relationship by calling him too often and getting upset if he delays in picking up the phone, by always wanting to be with him even though it may be unreasonable at that point, if he senses this then he may begin to get the feeling that you are smothering him and this is one more reason why your man may be withdrawing from you.

When He Feels he is Losing his Masculinity

A guy will typically withdraw or become more distant when he begins to get the feeling that he is losing his masculinity, if you know anything about men you will understand that for a man his ego is very important to him and losing his masculinity will definitely affect his ego, women who want their men to be extra sweet and doting will be especially careful about this. Recognizing this and taking steps that reassure him of his masculinity can remedy this situation, by letting him off a bit and making him have his way in some situations you can help repair his ego.

When He Thinks He is Losing His Freedom

You will find this scenario playing out all the time, and this is perhaps one of the most popular reasons why a man will withdraw from his partner, a guy will tend to withdraw from a relationship when he feels he is losing his freedom, this can happen in situations where the guy has to consult with his girl friend every single time he has to make a decision on something and when taken to the extreme the opinion of the girlfriend becomes the basis for his every decision. This may seem okay at the beginning but soon he will get to realize this then he may get irritated and begin to pull away, The remedy for this is to realize that even though you are in a relationship they are times when you have to give a guy his space to make some decisions unless he chooses to involve you.

They are a ton of other reasons why a guy will tend to withdraw, but the to understanding why this happens and providing remedies when it does happen is to be sensitive, if you want to find more about why men pull back.