Sure Signs He Is Falling Head Over Heels For You

When it comes to understanding how men think and behave it can get a bit confusing, you might be desperate to find out where to place this particular guy in your life, should you place and relate to him as just a friend or does he present a love potential, well if you are looking for a sure fire way of knowing if he has fallen for you then these signs will help you find that out.

When He Remembers Details About You

One of the signs that show you if he has fallen for you is when he remembers those tiny details about you, when he is quick to notice small changes that a regular guy will not normally notice. At this point, What he feels for you is so strong that he cannot but be more observant and attentive to you, at this stage you may be surprised to find him remembering things you told him earlier or even details of a conversation you had weeks ago.

When He Seems Nervous and Uncomfortable when you are Around

This is another sign that can tell you whether he has feelings for you or not. When he starts acting edgy and nervous around you then you know he might be having feelings for you, these feelings will make him become more self conscious and hence the nervous behavior. He may also be nervous because he wants to impress you and he starts saying less because he doesn’t want to say something that might appear stupid and this can also make him become less articulate than he would have been if he were not to have any feelings for you.

When He Makes Out Time for You

If a  guy is really into you, then you will find him wanting to spend more time with you. He will crave to spend time with you and will use anything as an excuse to spend more time with you and this will include going with you to places he would normally not want to to to. The feelings he has for you would  overcome any reluctance he may have towards going to these places with you.

When He Asks You out Indirectly

Another way of knowing if he is falling head over heels for you is when indirectly suggests that you go out together but does  not want you to think its a formal date. When he has feelings for you, he might be afraid that you might turn him down so he asks you out indirectly hoping to find out in this way whether or not you have any interests in him. He may intend to gauge from your response whether you have any reciprocal interest in him.

All of these factors can help you know if a guy is falling head over heels for you, when a guy has romantic feelings for you he might not be straight forward as you might expect and this might lead to feelings of incapacitation and can also lead to awkward behavior. If truly a guy is head over heals in love with you, then this video will teach you how to capture his heart and you can also read how to make him commit. If you found this helpful please do feel free to share this.