Signs That He Will Never Propose- How To Tell If Your Man Is Marriage Material

You feel you have waited forever for your man to pop the question. If your relationship has gone on for a while, then it is only natural that you would be expecting an engagement ring and the title of his wife. How long is too long to wait for him to propose? If you had to expect a wedding in your future and you are wondering whether it will ever happen, then you have reached a point where you need to look at your relationship more honestly. There are signs that he will never propose, and these will help you see clearly whether he even had marriage in mind.

One of the signs that he will never propose is that he does not like attending anyone’s wedding. If someone has no tolerance for anything in particular, they want to distance themselves from this thing. If your boyfriend is not comfortable with the idea of his own marriage to you, he will tend to refrain from attending weddings or any situation that might put him on the spotlight. He knows he will raise the issue not only with you, but others too. If he declines when the both of you are invited to a wedding by friends or family members, this is not promising for you.

You can also tell if he is shying from the idea of walking down the aisle when he never refers to you as part of his plans. Even the most conservative of us still talk about the future, from time to time , and in the case of couples in a committed relationship, they almost always use terms like “we ” and ” us.” If your boyfriend only talks about his own plans for what will be a year or five years from now, you’re definitely not part of the image of the life he has painted for himself in his mind.

There is also a very clear sign in the way he introduces you to other people. If he only ever refers to you(in his introduction of you to his friends and family) only as his “friend” or his “girlfriend” and never as the woman he loves or the person he wants to spend the rest of his life with, then you’re stuck in a role that you probably do not want to play anymore. It is very difficult emotionally to always just be his girlfriend for all to see when you two have been together for years. It lowers the connection that the both of you have.

Understanding the signs he will never propose can help you see clearly where your relationship is headed. It is not easy to admit that you are involved with a man who has no interest in marriage, but it is better than hiding your head in the sand and believing a proposition is just around the corner.