Seduce A Shy Man: 5 Unassailable Tips

Well, you’ve found the perfect man, funny, nice, cute, endearing … but he’s shy. And you are aware that a shy man, it is not much fun every day!

To ensure that your dates are not punctuated by awkward silences and tension, it is better to find a way to manage his shyness. So here we go, here are a few tips on how to seduce a shy man!

Spend time together as friends: to seduce a shy man by the “trick”

Shy men are usually open and confident with their friends, but they find that women are intimidating and can not help but being mute when they are in the presence of the object of their love. So the best way to approach a shy man is simply to lay the foundations of a strong friendship, in this way he is no longer on guard in your presence.

To Get Your shy man, talk to him.

Ask him questions. Tell him about your day. Tell him about your cat, your job, your business … in short: tell him about your life. Speaking will encourage him to open up and do the same without him having the impression of being interrogated. Make the bulk of the conversation, but still let him speak.

Learn to read body language to seduce a shy man

If he does not say what he feels, it is up to you to read it. What does he seem to want to talk about? Does he stare you in the eye? Does he seem to get bored? His gestures and his eyes betray what he thinks and feels, so be careful to read those.

Remember the details

The name of his mother, his favorite color, the name of his dog, his place of work, etc..  This will give more weight to your conversations and it will let you think he has always known.

And as we have seen in Tip # 1, a shy guy will only open up to people they have known for while.

Arrange the dates yourself

Take care to set the dates and locations of outings (be smooth even when you’re not a dictator).

Why? Because if you wait until he manages to find enough confidence to call you, you may stay planted next to the phone a long time …

Try to choose places that do not necessarily require a long discuss, like in the movies. Keep romantic picnics for when he will be a little more open to you.

One last tip on how to seduce a shy man for you girls who have a crush on a shy man, flirt! The fact that he is  shy does not mean he should be treated differently from other men.

Be sexy, confident and show him what you’re worth and what you can do. There is nothing more that can bring a man out of his shell than a seductive girl … Let’s play!