Recognize An Unfaithful Man|signs He Is Unfaithful

Four out of  ten married men admit to having cheated on their wives … at least once. Infidelity affects a lot of us! But what are the signs he is unfaithful? Here’s how to recognize an unfaithful man with these signs that don’t lie!

signs of unfaithfulness
one of four married men admit to cheating.

He is surprisingly nice

According to Sylvie Tenenbaum, sexologist and therapist, excessive kindness could be a sign of infidelity. If he suddenly begins to spoil you or suddenly goes out of his way to do something he would normally not have done, then maybe you should be on the alert!” If your spouse increases their attention to you, much more than usual, this may be a sign of infidelity. He may be seeking to stop his feelings guilt,” says the specialist.

The signs are unmistakable:

– He suddenly offers a weekend with friends to ” find yourself ”
– He returns more often than usual with flowers
– He wants to do the laundry ( while ordinary … )

It is even worse if …

You come back one night and find that the sheets have been changed!

 Infidelity: He is different in bed

For Gerard Leleu, physician and sexologist, a change in sexual behavior can be a sign of infidelity.
In his book ”The precision and torque”, he explains, “if a man shows a lack of desire to make love to his wife for a long time (over three months), then it is either he is getting sexually satisfied elsewhere … or he is going through a particularly difficult period.” Conversely, “a manifest increase in his libido and new cravings are often a sign of stimulation caused outside of the marital relationship, connection or not,” he says.

The signs are unmistakable:

1. If you no longer make love
– He does not touch you anymore, even when you ask him
– In bed, he is always sleepy

If his libido is rising
– He keeps wanting more!
– In bed , new desires appear: “Let me -so “, ” Men like us to do them this or that” , “What if we tried it like this? ” …

 He monitors invoices

He handles the bills, this has always been the case … But lately, he has become manic? Worse, he tries to dissuade you from putting your nose there, pretending he does not know where he put them … It’s fishy!
“If he becomes secretive, it may be that he is worried that you would discover the receipt for the roses.” says Sylvie Tenenbaum, sexologist and couple therapist.

The signs are unmistakable:

– On his bills (phone, credit card), you find fresh unaccustomed: restaurants,

shops, hotels …

It is even worse if …

He gets angry when you ask about it!

 He Clings to his phone

“Maintaining a connection is necessarily pass through the media. And of course, in secret,” said Sylvie Tenenbaum, sexologist and therapist couple.
So, if you notice he is worried when his phone rings, he isolates himself to answer a quick check of his phone record is necessary calls …

signs of infidelity
When he clings to his phone…. it could be that he has something to hide.

The signs are unmistakable:

– It encloses or hides away to answer the phone.
– He receives calls at unbelievable hours.
– He will never lend you his cell phone.

It is even worse if …

You see her laptop at hand panics!

He is paying more attention to his appearance

“Men and women pay more attention to them when they want to seduce or just to

please. Among the male, it will greatly increasing. Not surprisingly, that a

man, past 40 years, when he tries to charm, to question his wardrobe, haircut, or hair color … “says Gérard Leleu in his book” the precision and the couple”.

The signs are unmistakable:

– He wants to get back to the sport
– He throws away all his socks with holes. He tries his underwear and looks at his buttocks.
– He becomes pretty … he changes his style of dressing.
– Investing more in his wardrobe in past 5 months than in the last 5 years.
– He pays attention to what he eats.

It is even worse if …

In your presence, he loses his appetite: he can not swallow. He knotted stomach and eventually lose weight.

His tastes have changed

Significant changes in taste may be a sign of an affair.
“A woman can have  such an influence on a man that he discovers and loves new things. This can be a friend, but if the spouse expresses a desire to engage in new activities (if listening a new CD that you do not know , for example) loop, it is a way for him to be with her? when he can not do , “says Sylvie Tenenbaum, sexologist and therapist couple.

Same thing if , conversely, he shuns or becomes disinterested in your last shared interest (a book, movie …): ” You can see the sign he has already experienced this with someone else and he does not want to share it with his wife, “says the therapist.

The signs are unmistakable :

– There is no more you compliment
– Your joint projects seem more interested in the
– He refuses torque activities he loved before
– His food , musical tastes change almost radically

It is worse if …

Films that describe the passion, sex, love triangle suddenly begin to interest him.

His actions betray his lies

Recognize an unfaithful man follows the-same course as recognizing a man who is lying to us.

Our whole attitude expresses our emotions, according to Joseph Messinger , a psychologist and specialist symbolic gesture in his book ” The hidden meaning of your actions ”.

For the specialist , raising arms above the head, a little cough in his fists for example, are attitudes that betray a person lying.

For its part, Claudine Biland , psychologist , sees
” repeated eye blinking, shifty eyes …” as telltale signs of lying, as she explains in his book ” The Psychology of Lying ” .
” The face is directly connected to the seat of emotions in the brain, so difficult to control ,” she continues.

Ditto for the intonation of his voice, ” this is a very good indicator of lying, because it is handled automatically by the brain based on emotions felt instantly .”
If your spouse is lying to you, be attentive to changes in his voice. If it goes up in the treble or otherwise down in the bass, it reveals the fear of being unmasked.

If these expressions are unusual, sudden and repetitive, then it is likely that he’s got something to hide.

The signs are unmistakable :

– He sweats when you question him.
– He is lost in his lies : his words are contradictory
– When you talk to him, he avoids eye contact.

It is worse if …

He says he was with a friend , then you ‘ve checked and you know he was not there !

Signs of infidelity : you annoy

” If your husband becomes very irritable, nervous or angry, it is a sign of

guilt. If he takes the slightest to become irritated against you, you can often infer that he seeks to provoke an argument, he will use this pretext for escape ,” explains Sylvie Tenenbaum, sexologist and couple therapist.

The signs are unmistakable :

– He keeps you away , he locks himself where he can
– It communicates with you unless it becomes cold
– You acknowledge to invade his privacy, do not trust him , says he needs space
– It becomes terribly suspicious, tracking the slightest sign of infidelity, you acknowledge that itself is doing
– He comes out with new friends . You ask with whom you said that you do not know
– He spends a lot of time on the computer , including Internet .

It is worse if …

  • He closes Windows open windows on the screen of his computer when you enter the room.
  • He smells clean when he comes home
  • Few men take showers at their place of work before going home. Unless your other half is working in a nuclear power plant, exercises every afternoon or suffers from excessive sweating, unusual smell clean

The signs are unmistakable:

– He smells of the high foaming gel range (those found in hotels)

It is worse if …

He takes a shower as soon as he returns home, something doesn’t usually!

He becomes evil

“If it is not in its usual nature to be nervous at the slightest concern, sudden aggression may be a manifestation of a deep feeling of guilt within himself, which he reflects,” said Sylvie Tenenbaum, sexologist and couple therapist.

The signs are unmistakable:

– He calls into question your relationship, you reproached
– He is irritable, he wines faster, easier than ever
– It causes quarrels with spectacular bad faith. He usually so sensitive, now seems not  to care about hurting you. It strikes where it hurts you most (telling you bluntly that you’re fat,for example)
– He gets upset when you tell him something, anything, you can not tell him anything without him getting angry.

It is worse if …

He gets angry when you are interested in him and his schedule, even if it’s just to get organized. He accuses you of trying to dictate his life.

He poses as the victim

He takes the slightest pretext,to look unhappy, he try’s to portray himself as being  tormented by understanding wife? “If he adopts the attitude of the unhappy husband in her marriage, it may be to exonerate himself” explains Sylvie Tenenbaum, sexologist and couple therapist.

Examples: “My wife does not understand me.” “I support the relationship a lot.” “I have a right to live a little.” “With it is hell.” “There’s nothing between us.” It became tenderness. ”

The signs are unmistakable:

– When he discourses issues of infidelity with talk with you or friends, he finds excuses for infidels, supporting them with arguments. He does not judge, often he will say “it is too easy to criticize.”

It is worse if …

It has no more libido and says he keeps his distance in pretext of independence.