Why Men Leave Women – One Of The Main Reasons

Why men leave women – one of the main reasons

men leave women – main reasons

Is he nervous or not interested

A man can give more than one reason if not a dozen different reasons, why they don’t want to be with a woman anymore. Why do they do this, are they trying to confuse you, or are they confused?

This proved a bit of challenge for relationship experts and psychologists as they tried to unravel it all. The study of relationships and surveys have shown that the various “reasons” men often give is because they have problems sorting out their own feelings. And most men find it difficult to put their feelings into words.

After sifting through hundreds of different responses from men, experts have come to a conclusion. Men first begin to lose interest and eventually leave a relationship when they stop feeling admired. The problem to figure this out and come to this conclusion is that no red-blooded man will say, I do not feel more admired.

Men need to feel admired, When feeling down, it is a major frontal attack not only on their self-esteem, but calls into question their manhood. At first this may seem very simple and a bit unbelievable. But when you stop to think about it, it becomes clear that this is really true.

Let’s talk about some common situations that happen around the world every day. Two people meet and gather, and at first she was very taken with him and she lets him know often giving him lots of compliments. More importantly, she is always smiling and seemed very happy when he is around.

This is a major clue, a man measures how happy they are in a relationship and how they are admired by how happy their woman is around them! One thing to remember is that for a man a woman being happy in his presence = admiration. One of the recurring reasons that has been given on several occasions for Why men leave women, is that “no matter what I did I could not make her happy anymore”.

It is also the No. 1 reason why a man will cheat, when another woman arrives and makes him feel admired, a smiley, happy and giggly colleague or acquaintance who showers him with compliments and beams when he walks into the room is an incredible turn-on for a man. This may put a relationship at risk of infidelity, if a man does not feel admired in the relationship he is in. It has much less affect, and is not a threat when a man feels admired at home.

So, if you go around like a ditty, giggly , school girl to get your man back ? Not at all . Think about it, a man feels admired when the woman he’s with is happy with him. There are many things you can do, but it is important to understand that one of the things that men usually complain about is nagging. Nagging is the fastest killer of a relationship. Does that mean you should not express your feelings about what you want? You definitely can, you just have to do it in a more subtle way.

So where do you start from when you want to get him back? You start by making him feel admired again while keeping your own dignity, and then you can get what you want. This is very easy to do when you learn some skills about how to handle men. If you want your man back and want to keep him once you have him back, the answers are in an easy to understand guide that has helped thousands of people.