Is He Nervous Or Not Interested?

Is he nervous or not interested

Most guys are open books and you can tell quickly whether they are nervous or simply not interested. If you have one of these, then you have your work cut out for you and have no choice but to make that decision quickly which is whether to pursue the interest because he is nervous or to simply forget about him and move on to more promising prospects.

But there is these breed of men that a girl can’t tell straightaway if they are interested and nervous or they are simply not interested, unless they do a thorough assessment of their actions. Unfortunately with this scenario a girl can wrongly interpret a certain behavior thinking the guy is not interested while in real sense they are. So how do you accurately answer the question, is he nervous or not interested?

You suspect that he is interested in you but he hasn’t told you anything yet. What does his body language around you say?

Making Eyes
If the guy is avoiding direct eye contact with you or you catch them stealing glances at you when they think you are not looking then they are definitely interested big time! In fact it might even be love.

For the guy who is not interested, he will not steal glances at you and will simply look at you in that uninterested way same as the one he looks at his computer monitor. There is no making eyes with this guy.

The Smile
This is one sure way of  measuring a guy’s interest, when a guy is genuinely interested in you, he will often smile at you warmly to show adoration. Often this smile will trigger a warm feeling in a girl and if this happens, he is interested! Some guys will smile nervously but the smile will still be warm. In this case there might be a possibility of serious things forthcoming in the near future.

On the other hand if the guy smiles that plastic smile that he only puts up for acquaintances and business associates, simply know that he is not interested. This smile will not elicit warm feelings and you will tell out-rightly that he is not interested.

For the interested guy you will notice his discomfort around you because of his nervousness. Some guys might have sweaty brows or palms; others might have a bobbing Adam’s apple because he keeps swallowing to ease himself. Some will be very conscious of their appearance and will keep checking out themselves to see if they are impressive.
For the uninterested guy, he will be completely at ease around you and will not show any signs of nervousness. He will definitely behave in the same way he does in the company of his sister.

The False show
This can be read both ways. A guy might be interested but is keeping this macho attitude and false confidence as a cover up so you would not guess his feelings because he is very nervous. If you have a gut feeling that he is just putting on a show, then wait some more and he might just get tired of it and decide to come clean. Sometimes completely ignoring him might cut down some of the male pride.

On the other hand guys that are not interested can still put up this false show such as acting mean to ward you off. In this case carefully read the other signs and find out the truth if you really care for the guy.
There are many other ways of answering this question but if the guy fits more than two of the above then you have good chances.