How To Persuade Him To Marry You

How to persuade him to marry you
How to persuade him to marry you
How to persuade him to marry you

Men do not commit easily, if you have been in a relationship and you think you’re ready to take it to the next level, but your boyfriend has not proposed, follow these tips:

Be a real person on the inside and outside

Be transparent and real. Do not hide your true self. Let him see the person you really are and not someone fake. Being real is the first simple step to gain the trust of someone, be true and never make him feel cheated and don’t be found projecting yourself as someone you’re not.

Be humble and simple

Keep your feet on the ground, whatever your achievements, you’ve got to always stay humble. Never be too vain or materialistic. Guys hate women taking both value and time of vanity and shopping.

Never try to control your man

Guys love their masculinity and authority. Never take control of him, instead let him know that he is free to do the things he wants and give him your confidence. Trying to control your guy will always bring trouble in your relationship.

Keep the trust and respect alive

Try not to force things on your guy. Let him go out with his friends and give him space to do his business. Also try to abide by all decisions he makes and tact not to hurt his feelings. Also, never try to make mistakes that could jeopardize your relationship and make him lose his confidence in you.

Be someone he can always count on

In life everyone is bound to have problems from time to time, always be there to lend a helping hand or give emotional support during his big test or trying time. Knowing that he can run to you during difficult moments will assure him that you will always be there, not only in happy times, but in the worst periods.

Be the “type of woman”

Learn to cook and do household chores, never give your guy the impression that you can not take care of him and you’re not a good wife material. Do not make him believe that he will be the one to do all the cooking and chores at home because you’re not used to them.

Be ready for more responsibility

Marriage is not just a wish or a commitment, but it is entering a new life with increased responsibilities. You should be ready to be a wife and mother and have a family full of love and care, thinking less of yourself and more of your husband and children to be.

Hopefully employing these tips on how to persuade him to marry you will set you on your way down the isle.