How to Make a Good First Impression On a First Date

Good First Impression On a First Date

The importance of making a good first impression on a first date cannot be neglected, making a good first impression will give you the chance of going on a second date and more, as the saying goes “A first impression is a lasting impression” this saying also holds true for dating and the key to making a good first impression lies in your ability to steer the discussion or conversation towards topics that bring about mutual excitement.

The key to taking charge and steering your conversation is in employing conversational techniques and strategies that will make the conversation exciting for the both of you. You might be wondering why you have to do all this, but you do have to note that having a boring conversation will only make him loose interest in you they by sabotaging a potential relationship, because he probably won’t have a memorable impression of you, and may not want a repeat of the same experience.

So How Exactly do You Achieve This?

You need to move away interrogative questioning and start asking open ended questions that will elicit a response that will lead to a conversation rather than a one worded response, and you can do this by such words as “why”, “what and “why”, these words will open up the conversation and enable you dive deeper into each others thought and enriches the conversation.

In the same manner instead asking a question like “How many siblings are you in your family?” you might try asking a question like “what was growing up like?” most likely he is going to delve into these other details while answering this type of question  and if he has good memories of his childhood, this can make the two of you connect in a deeper way than you may have thought possible on a first date.

As you have seen, your first date with a guy shouldn’t be all boring and awkward, and the key to that exciting first date is to take charge and steer the conversation towards a more exciting path, avoid questions that draw one word responses and probe deeper into things that bring about a connection.
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