How Can I Make Him Interested?

How can i make him interested?
The interest should be mutual

Have you found a man whose attention you want to get? You need to create a spark that can attract his attention and get him  to look your way – first.  How do you attract the attention of  the man you want? Read the following tips on how you can get the man you want to be interested in you without breaking a sweat.

Show your true self.

The best way you could attract the attention of any guy is to be yourself. It would also be better if he knows your true personality from the beginning. In addition, it will be difficult to fix things later on if the man discovers that you lied to him and pretended to be someone else.

Be your best self.

If you stay a wallflower, nobody will ever notice you. Try to look your best and when you feel that you are beautiful, your confidence level will certainly go up. By then, the man you are eying, or any man for that matter, will surely take notice.

Dress in the sexiest way.

It is in the nature of a man to want to see a sexy woman. This does not always mean skimpy dresses and skirts or showing of cleavage. A woman who knows how to dress attractively will  surely ooze with confidence and attract the attention of men without any effort.

Make eye contact and smile at him.

To make sure that you have really caught the attention of your target, make eye contact with him. Keep this look for a few seconds, then smile at him shyly. This movement has proved so effective and has started  millions of relationships. If he smiles back, your move was a great success – and you’re another number on the list!

Use body language

The use of body language is another way you could convey your intentions to any man. Indeed if you have been wondering to yourself as to how you can make him interested. then body language is all you need to get him to notice you. Move your body to the side or you can point one of your feet to him. This will allow you to see, but in a less confrontational way. Do all this and see how he reads it!

Are you an expert at flirting?

If you have not been able to get his attention through both covert and subtle ways, then flirt with him instead. However, do not be too direct in your intentions, because it could just turn the man off. Be stylish with your movements and he will not even know that you are already pouncing on him!

Open your mouth and let good things come out of it.

Speak as an expert, but not as a braggart. Do not be a know-it-all. Instead, allow your conversations to flow as a woman who can talk about anything under the sun, who is well read. And let no man hear you cuss – it is conduct unbecoming of a woman!