How Can I Make Him Approach Me?

Whether it is someone you know or someone you’d like to know, the first flirtatious contact with a man can be the most important. Some men find approaching women difficult or do not want to misinterpret any signals he feels he is getting from her. Women are left asking the question “how can I make him approach me?” The answer is to subtly let him know that you too would like to get acquainted with him.

The most important thing to consider is your body language. Slumped shoulders, crossed arms or a hand on your hip can give him the message that you are unapproachable and just not interested. Try to relax and feel as ease in your surroundings. Stand with your arms loose and falling comfortably by your sides. This makes you look approachable and easy to talk to. If you are with other people, join in the conversation and let him know that you’re enjoying yourself. While you’re having fun, look in his direction and make eye contact as you smile. This will let him know that you have seen him and can allow one of you to introduce yourself to the other.

If you are out for the night in a group with your friends, do not stand in a cluster with your friends. This may make him back off as he may not feel he can approach you when you’re in the company of so many people. Instead, move around the room and introduce yourself to different people. This shows you are sociable and open to conversations. It will make him less anxious about making a move.

If you are interested in him, do not give him a flirtatious glance and then ignore him. Playing hard to get can often leave men confused so make your intentions clear.

If you believe he is interested in you and just too shy, try approaching him yourself. Ask him if you’ve met, tell him your name and ask about who he has come out with. Sometimes it takes you to make the first move to allow him to feel comfortable.