How Do I Know If A Guy Wants A Serious Relationship

How do I know if a guy wants a serious relationship – how you can understand his intentions

Many times a woman becomes fully involved with her boyfriend only to discover at the end that he is reluctant to commit. This can be devastating and disappointing, not to mention the broken heart. To avoid this, it is best to know his intentions before hand so you do not have cause to regret later! Here’s how you want to know if he wants a serious relationship or not.

He will be there for you

The best way to know if he is just out to have fun with you is to see if he’s there when you need him most. If he is still there, in good times and in the not-so-good ones, then you can be sure that he truly cares for you and he may be interested in sharing a future with you. If he were not, he would not spend so much time and energy with you.

He Ceases to take you for granted

When your guy cares about you and do not take you for granted, you can be sure he wants a serious relationship with you. He will ensure that you are happy and also give rise to simple! When you can see that the selfless attitude, you can rest easy knowing that his intentions are good.

He Talks of how much he loves you

If he is serious about you, he will not be happy with all the soft dating and friendship. He will want more! That’s when he will hint at and even tell it to your face of how much he loves and adores you and wants to share a future with you. You can tell by the way he says and looks into his eyes if he means it or not.

He focuses on keeping you happy

If he was just playing you, he would obviously not really worry about or be concerned about your happiness. He would tend to be careless and show a lackadaisical attitude to the relationship. He will disappear when you need him most and would not show genuine concern when it comes to your well-being. On the other hand if he is serious – he will do all the opposite and more !

It will start to talk about the future, children and …

Most men are scared of commitment and when they enter into a serious relationship they avoid discussing things like marriage, children and responsibility. They are vague and try to escape discussing issues like this. But if he was serious, he would be more than willing to talk about children and the future. You can be sure that when he does, that he is ready to have a serious relationship.

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He wants to present you to his folks

Not every guy who comes your way will be ready to take a step toward marriage. It is only when he is convinced in his mind that the person he is seeing is the lady he wants to commit to, will even contemplate taking her to meet his folks and close friends.  If this is happening in your life – you can be sure that he is serious about you.

He does not hesitate to shoulder his responsibilities

A man who shows signs of responsibility to you and the relationship in general is a man who can easily slip into a serious relationship. If you see your guy willingly take responsibility, and has respect for his word, then he is essentially the kind of person who is ready for commitment and so you can rest easy!