How To Close The Deal – Car Sales Tactics That Will Get Your Guy To Propose

How to get a guy yo propose

Understand that for guys, getting engaged is a bit like buying a new car: It is terrifying when he actually get’s the courage to make the offer, and absolutely fantastic when he finally gets to take her home.

Ladies, if a man in a plaid polyester suit can get your guy to sign on the dotted line, then you sure can. All you need to know are a few tricks of the trade.

Be sure he’s on the market

If you’re not in the market for a new car, it does not matter if they use live gorillas or a big pile of cash. Nothing is going to get you in the showroom, if you do not want to be there. The-same is true for a relationship. You can suggest, beg and plead all you want, but if he is not interested in what you’re selling, there is nothing you can do to make him buy.  Learning all the tricks on how to get a guy to propose, will not help much here. We hear ads of car dealers hundreds of times each day, 365 days a year, but we will only listen when we are actually ready to consider buying. The lesson here: When he is on the market, he will let you know.

Make sure he can pass the credit check

Often we are so worried about whether or not he wants to get married, we do not even think about whether or not we want to marry him. Does his scores meet your standards? I’m not talking about money here – I’m talking about important things like honesty, children, education and family values. Do not lose out on more qualified guys because you are spending all your energy trying to make a deal with someone who does not meet the grade for buyers.

They need to know that there are other buyers on the market

Nothing is more tempting than a car that everyone wants and no one can get. So what happens when there are many buyers in the market, and not enough cars for everyone? The waiting list. At any time you are not in an exclusive relationship, try dating at least three men at once. Men are highly competitive, and their attraction to you multiplies tenfold if they feel there is another buyer in the showroom. In addition, you have a backup if one or two promising deals falls through . In the meantime, all your potential buyers will try to understand how they can shake their way to the top of your list.

Do not try to sell a minivan , if what he really wants is a flashy sports model

The fact is, a guy already knows what he wants when he walks into the dealership. The same is true in relationships. If your man does not want children, spends all his time alone on a sailboat, and he loves his collection of African art, do not try to talk him into a lifestyle suburban dad. You can put pressure on him to the agreement, but it will not be long before he is unhappy and suffering from buyers remorse. It will not be long before he will start look for a way to exchange it for the model he really wanted.

He needs to know the model he wants (you) will not be on the showroom forever

One of the biggest concerns in buying a new car, is that if we leave the showroom, the car we really want may be snapped up by someone else if we don’t make an offer right away. The same is true for men: If he thinks you’ll be waiting around forever, he hesitates in taking a decision, and he’ll have no incentive to act immediately. But if on the other hand, he knows that you may not be available  if he takes too long to decide, it is more likely that he will block the transaction and get the one he wants today.

Give it a test drive

Every day of your relationship is like a test drive for the wedding, and from the first day he is evaluating how you perform. Is your relationship on a smooth ride? Does it work with his lifestyle? Or is they a break every few weeks? Anyway, he is relying on the test drive when it comes to making the big decision to buy. Your guy has to feel like you are the model, he can live with. ( At least until the loan is repaid.)

Ring the bell when the agreement is made

The grand finale in car sales tactics is to ring the bell when the deal is done. Once it has been the case, the car salesman rings a big bell, and everyone in the showroom stops what they are doing to congratulate the new buyer. Although the agreement has not been signed yet, it is a way of making him feel good about his decision, and also preventing him from backing down once he realizes how much it will cost. The same is true for proposals. Make sure to tell the crowd, friends and family of the surprisingly romantic way in which your man just proposed. Everyone will praise him like crazy, he will experience a burst of happy emotions, and you’ll seal the deal in ink.