8 Signs He’s Only Interested In Sex

Whether you are interested in just a fling without a future or a serious relationship, it may be useful to know what the person you are involved with, is thinking. We asked experts in dating and relationships to point out any indications that he or she has only one thing in mind (track: this is not a long-term relationship). The eight major Signs he’s only interested in sex, these signs show that this person wants a one night … or he’s trying to turn you on. Use this information to decide how you will go ahead:

couple on a date

1 If the venue where he has chosen for the date makes you nervous, trust your instincts. Let’s face it: some places lend themselves to intimacy, others do not. You end up in a museum or at a local restaurant … or in person? If he invites you home on your first date, you can guess what’s on the agenda for the evening. So unless you’re trying to pass a bond, decline this kind of proposal. That said, “if the person continues to show interest, then it may mean that he is not just trying to put you to bed,” says Laurie Puhn, Doctor of Law and author of Instant Persuasion: How to Change Your Words to Change Your Life.

2 Be aware of eye contact. Eye contact (or lack of eye contact) can also show the intentions of the person with whom you go out. Be on guard if “instead of looking you in the eyes from the other side of the table, he fathoms your breast (women) or other parts of your body (men),” says the counselor dating Toni Coleman.

3 Read between the lines when you look into  this person’s activities on the Internet. By visiting their dating profiles on dating sites and a lovers details on social networks can show much about the intentions of a potential lover, says Alyssa Wodtke, coauthor of Truth, Lies, and Online Dating: Secrets to Finding Romance on the Internet. Take note of phrases such as “Wants to have fun. “” Looking for friends. “” Bored and wants to have fun. “”Seeking a casual relationship. ”

4 Be wary of guys who are too interested in your physical appearance before agreeing to a first date. A person seeking a physical adventure will ask at all costs for an accurate description of you, eg as pertaining sexual activity. “This person may ask for a photo that shows your entire body, and not be satisfied with a portrait or a verbal description,” says Maryann Karinch, co-author of The Recorder Date: Military Intelligence Techniques to Expose What He’s Really Thinking.

5 Note that the guy you barely know uses a daring language.
This is rather obvious, but for the sake of those who have not been lucky enough to have had a decent date: A person who talks immediately with vulgarity, wants to go in the physical realm as soon as possible; either by email, post, text message, phone, or face-to-face. “This guy has nothing to lose! “Says Maryann Karinch. You can reply in the same way, but of course, think twice if you want a serious relationship with this person. Also, go ahead with caution if he wants to share details about his past relationships or if your date is obsessive over a particular body part, says relationship expert, Dr. Nili Sachs.

6 Learn to spot moves that make your relationship feel rushed
Notice if your potential lover wants to go faster than you. A promising relationship often begins with phone calls and exchanges on social networks before arriving, once you’ve got to know each other, a series of serious dates then follows. “Someone who only wants to get into bed with you, will probably not waste time with getting to know you,” says Alyssa Wodtke. “What’s it to him that you have three siblings, or you had a happy childhood, he just wants to put you in bed? ”

7 Be careful if he only wants to see at night. Laurie Puhn, “The most telling sign that a person wants to put you in bed is that you usually do not see until 21 hours. ”

8 Beware of last-minute plans. You know that someone is looking for a quick fling when he calls you or sends you a message to say that he is by the corner and he wants to meet you in an hour. If you aim for a lasting relationship, the only answer given, according to Laurie Puhn is: “Sorry, it won’t work. If you plan something in advance next time, keep me informed. ”

The best way to know if someone likes you for a relationship in the longer term? Emphasize the need to wait to get down to business, advises Laurie Puhn. “If the person is still around, you have your answer. “