6 Ways to Make A Guy Admit That He Likes You

Do you have a guy you have been seeing for quite a good number of months such that you have developed strong feelings for him? I know how much you desire to have him confess that he likes you but you just don’t know how. This read will help you know how you can go about this successfully:

Ensure that the ground is clear. Take time to establish if the guy has a girlfriend. It will be bad to establish that the guy has a girlfriend and that he only takes you as a friend.

Interrogate him. After establishing he is single, set some time aside and spend with him. Ask him how it feels to be single and if he’s eyeing someone. In case he says there’s no one he’s targeting, ask him about his feelings for you.

Have some humor in your game. If everything is picking on well, tease him. This will make him open his heart simply because both of you will be comfortable. Be sure to make him not take it as a joke.

Seek further advice. If you’re not sure of his movements in terms of having an affair with another girl, it would be good if you asked his close friends.

Be patient. Give the man time and let him provide you with the feedback in his due time. If he does not like you at first, time might make him change his mind.

If nothing happens even with time, be bold enough to seek the feedback. Asking him courageously can put him off side and make him utter his devotion to you. If you get a positive answer, good for you. If the answer is negative, it will be good because you’ll be able to move on other than continuing to be in love alone. If he’s still undecided, be smart and ask in a flirty cute way. “Am I pretty?” a negative answer followed by weird stare at you, means never. If the answer is no but in a flirty way, just make him admit that he likes you and pick from there.