5 Signs That He Wants To Marry You: Find-out Whether Your Man Is Really Serious About You!

How to get a guy to propose

Do you think your man is truly committed to you? Do you feel that he wants to propose? Do you want to get him to marry you? If so, read this page immediately. It is important that you understand the signs if you want to get him to propose faster.

Men tend to feel nervous when they propose. These uncomfortable feelings can cause a lot of trouble in your relationship. It is therefore very important that you are able to recognize and understand these signs that shows he is getting ready for commitment , and this will make you know if your man is interested in getting married or not.

Here are a few signs that show he is interested in walking you down the isle.

  1. He emphasizes the relationship – When your man makes your relationship a priority above all other issues, then there is a very good chance he is in love and wants to get engaged. Does he spend time with you or mostly prefers hanging out with his friends? If his friends call him for a night out while you are together, will he go with them or does he prefer to stay with you? If he was made one of the following things, it clearly says that he is really in love with you.
  2. Became more responsible – If your man acted more responsible and frugal on spending, it is a sign that he is saving for something big. If he puts in more hours at work and tries his best to save as much money as he can, then it’s probably because he wants to settle down. Observe his expenses. He could be saving money for that exclusive diamond ring.
  3. Is he ready to meet your family – If your man has started to look to meet your family and friends, he is making it clear that he intends to move the relationship to another level of commitment. If he asks you to meet his family, it is a sure sign that your man is  ready for marriage. By indicating an interest in meeting your family, he is exhibiting one of the signs that he wants to commit to you and is getting ready for the big day.
  4. Ready to go to places of commitments – If your man has suddenly become interested in attending the weddings of friends or cousin or an invitation to the wedding of his friends, he is inadvertently showing that marriage is on his mind and that he wants to make your relationship more permanent.
  5. Discussions about children – When you and your man have discussions bordering on children, observe his reaction. Observe how emotional he becomes when he speaks about kids and how many of them he wants. If he talks about kid’s names and sex of kids with you, he is clearly stating that he expects to spend the rest of his life with you….