5 Signs He Is Not In Love With You

Signs he is not in love
Signs he is not in love

You have succeeded : after years of struggling and haunting in the evening with fellow singles, you officially have a boyfriend. But there is a question nagging you: does he really like me? The five-point response.

”You’re the one who I want to be with”

A small statement like this is always flattering, but learn to read between the lines, what message is your sweetheart passing across unconsciously?
“A man who says you’re the only one with whom he has always wanted to be with, hints that he continues to think of other women, even if it remains in the realm of fantasy. A man who is in a committed relationship does not need to position himself in relation to other women, you are the only one and that’s all. ”

He says ”I love you” but only during sex

To extract words of love, your darling must be on the verge of coitus, i.e intense feelings, ready to reach orgasm. “What is said in a moment of passion is always taken lightly. It certainly makes sense in the moment, but this is a time when emotions run high, can we really trust them? No! “Says the therapist.

” My boyfriend told me he wanted to have a child with me,” says Claire, a young woman who doubts her relationship, “We made love when he told me that he wanted me to have his baby”. The problem? “When the next day I told him that I was willing to try it, he pretended not to remember … That really hurt me.”

He is not loving

Of course, there are men who are less demonstrative than others. But it is a scientific fact: the romantic chemistry is made by physical contact and show of affection. “A man who shuns contacts without cause, it is usually a bad sign .” “For example, if you kiss and you feel that he is simply returning the favor, in a distracted way, it is not only annoying, but it is also a sign of a lack of investment in the relationship.”

He makes promises he does not keep …

Making promises is easy. Anyone can do it. The number one rule of any relationship is that actions are more important than words. Does he make promises he never keeps? Beware, there is probably a reason for that …

He speaks of the future, but the future never comes

Even if he is not in love a man would still want to make you feel good about him. By speaking of his great plans, putting stars in your eyes, it boosts his ego. But when a man is in love. it is not merely the talk. Love becomes the present, always!