5 Easy Steps To Get Your Man To Commit

5 Easy steps to get your man to commit

You have the perfect boyfriend, a great relationship, you’ve both confessed to each other about how you feel , but you’re still waiting to go to the next level of the relationship. Why? Is it because your man is not ready for commitment? He has not asked you to be with him for good? Maybe he has a commitment phobia. Maybe something about his past is not letting him commit to you or maybe it was because of his insecurities. Whatever the reason, it is not very difficult to make your man commit to you with a bit of patience, understanding and lots of love . Here are 5 easy to follow steps to get your man to realize that you are the one and commit without any pressure or fear.

Let him know that you have a life

If you are there for him at all times, if you are ready to serve or take care of him at every opportunity and are ready to be at his beck and call, then do not be surprised that he has not popped the magic question. Have a life of your own, hang out with your friends and learn to say no to him at times. This will only make him realize that maybe you can just go on without him and he will come to see just how much he will miss you, if he does not commit to you now.

 Make him say he loves you

If he has not said those 3 words, then drop subtle hints and push a little. Do not pressurize him or anything, but a nice picturesque reminder will work. He does not have to say it a dozen times a day to show his feelings, but the more he says it on his own, the more he will realize what it means. When this realization comes,  then he will be ready to pop the question and commit to you.

Do not let him do everything

Men like to take care of everything about the woman they are in love with, especially when they have the means. But do not let him do everything for you. Offer to do some things for yourself and even for him. You could offer to pay for a meal from time to time or you can pick up groceries for the home by yourself or you could get something fixed in the house without his help. If you rely on him for everything he could think that you are taking undue advantage of him.

Do not  takeaway his freedom

One main mental obstacle preventing most men from making long-term commitment or marriage is the idea that they will lose their freedom. They evoke thoughts about how they have to spend every moment of their life with you and his other friends, hobbies or activities will take a back seat. Give him the assurance that with you, he is not going  to be deprived of his precious freedom. Let him off on his own, to be with friends and engage in leisure, while he is with you so he becomes convinced that his freedom will not go with committing to you

Support him when he confides in you

Men confide their deepest, darkest secrets to a woman when they are dead serious about her. Listen to him patiently, do not give your biased opinion and refrain from commenting. Be positive when  he requires you to offer advice and when he asks you. Be there for him in times of need,  don’t act as if you are not interested in sharing the burden or pain he is going through. Being there for him in his time of need will only make him realize what an asset you are to him, and this will only hasten his commitment to you.

If you follow the above steps and carefully move your man away from his commitment phobia, then he could just pop the question to you very soon.