4 Signs He Is Scared Of Commitment

4 signs you’re with a man who is afraid of commitment to the relationship

4 signs he is scared of commitment

Have you ever dated a guy who has a fear of commitment to the relationship so strong that you were left feeling confused and hurt? Have you ever wondered if there was anything you could do that would have changed his behavior?

Men who have a fear of commitment to the relationship will turn you into a paranoid and dangerous creäture if you let them get too close too fast, because if you do they will be the charm of the first to believe they are the real deal and that is when they can do the most damage.

4 signs you ‘re with a guy who has a fear of commitment to relationships

1 . He is honest and upfront with you about his past.

When you talk and get to know each other , he does not hide the fact that his past relationships did not work , in fact, he doesn’t seem displeased at all about the lamentable end of his previous relationships, although it sure makes you feel loved and special that he is willing to share this with you.

Do not fall for it ,  you ought to  open your eyes to this scheme – not a red flag by itself of course, but with the other indicators , I will share with you.

2 . He reveals more about his past – personal things that hurt him greatly.

Later, as you settle into the relationship and you’re curious about his ex-wife , such as , when he tells you how she was a bad mother , never cared for the children and she was so selfish that he had to work two jobs and be both mother and father even if he did not even live with them at the time.

He tells you how sad that made ​​him feel and how he felt worthless as a father leaving his children with a woman like that , or like a sob story .

This is to disarm you and make you feel sorry for him and what he had to put up with. Again do not fall into the trap until you can verify that this is the complete truth , because for any break in a relationship, there is always two sides to the coin. Beware of a guy who puts all the blame on his ex.

3 . He tells you how you are different from other women

Another tactic by men who fear commitment to relationships is to tell you how you are different from his ex and how he feels he may settle with you because you understand . You are different in every way and he loves it because none of his ex’s had these qualities .

Beware of any guy who makes you believe that you are whole and complete.  And are everything that he was unable to find in other women with unique qualities – it is unlikely in the case of things that every person you end up having a serious relationship with does not have some unique qualities .

4 . He reveals how he treats women

Why do I want you to look out for this? Because if he treated another woman badly,  then it is likely that he will eventually repeat the same with you and this is one of the signs he is scared of commitment.