20 Signs You Are Headed For A Breakup

Has your relationship run its course? what are the signs of a breakup from him? Here are twenty ominous signs that are unmistakable.

Relationships, like the scorching summer days are often more beautiful in our memories. Just as we forget how summer days are exhausting and stuffy, we forget how much we may feel alone and stupid when our relationship is in trouble.

“It is time to end ” , right? It’s never that simple. We found that almost everybody one day faces this dilemma : should we breakup, yes or no? It seems to be too difficult, we doubt the love is still there, yet we do not want to hurt the one who is dear to us, we ‘re afraid we will be making a mistake that we will be unable to recover from. All these reasons culminate in forcing us to stay in the relationship.

However, these excuses are not enough to stay with your partner when your relationship is at a standstill. A breakup may still make you unhappy, even if you were dying to get away. You may find yourself thinking about the idyllic future of your dreams the first few days. One thing is sure though, if you are unhappy, this idyllic future was not about to occur.

Broken Chain

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If you are regularly faced with one of these twenty cases, it may be time to turn the page. It will not be easy, but ultimately it is the right thing to do. Life is too short ( and your partner too) to waste your precious years in a relationship that is going nowhere.

1 . You feel a craving to be alone by yourself

Wanting to spend every second together with your partner would be weird and would mean that you are in need of affection. It is normal to want to be alone. But if at any time you are together, you are wishing he or she is not around, it is clear that your relationship frustrates you more than it makes you happy.

2 . You do not go out

Even if you live together, never neglect the outings you share with each other. Having sex or watching TV in silence is not enough to support a harmonious relationship.

3 . You prefer to see your friends than your partner

In a healthy relationship the couple is expected to relate with others individually and  together as a couple. But this does not mean that you should  the company of your friends to your lover.

4 . You are no longer in love

Your libido can be zero for several reasons, especially due to stress or a medical condition. However, if your partner becomes uninterested, and sex becomes a chore, or ceases to exist, you may be listening to the alarm bells.

5. You do not touch each other anymore

Physical contact is not limited to gender, it is affection and intimacy. Touching, caressing, holding hands are all signs of a healthy relationship between two people who still enjoy each others company. If you jump when he or she touches you, it’s time to decamp.

6 . You will kiss you more

The fiery kisses are the most intimate and are as emotional as sex, so it’s often the first thing that disappears when a couple begin to grow apart. If you can’t remember the last time you had a fiery passionate kiss, you may want check if your relationship has stuttered.

7 . He doesn’t make you laugh anymore

You used to laugh, just listening to his witty replies. Lately, you just want him to shut up. Why are you still with him, tell me ?

8 . You do not chat

Talk – about everything and anything, the news, the day’s work – is the foundation of a good relationship. If you stop discussing mundane things, is it that the time when you saw yourself as good friends are gone?

9 . You constantly  nitpick

If it’s not the sucking noises at breakfast, it’s his clothing tastes and every move he makes invariably makes you sigh.It is not insignificant: this kind of everyday stress can affect your health.

10 . He constantly nitpick

If you feel your partner gets irritated by you all the time, it may be that he is unhappy or uncomfortable in your company. Maybe he wants to leave you, but does not have the courage to broach the subject . If he or she gives you this kind of impression, do you really want to stay with him ?

11 . You do all the household chores

Couples can have longstanding disagreements about household and other chores , but the spats usually end on a vague equality or compromise. But if your partner treats you like a doormat, put him out of the door.

12 . Your appearance is more important

Love does not mean you should let go. If you do not care to please him anymore , it’s a blow to your sex life – and your relationship.

13. Day to mark a milestone through the cracks

Birthdays, Valentine’s Day and other major holidays may seem futile , but a loving couple will consider one way or another, even if it is only a piece of paper with the following scribbled on it ” The Saint Valentine is zero, spend the day in bed. ” When you forget your respective birthdays, your relationship is so outdated that even a dog would not want points.

14. You are the one to always give ( or receive )

Most romantic relationships go through several stages, one partner may be more generous on the sexual and emotional than the other, but the imbalance can not last. Parasites do not make good partners.

15 . You do not love you more

You’re not supposed to feel neglected, unattractive or unable to be yourself. If your lover has this effect on you, escape and do not let him undermine your self esteem.

16. Your friends think he is not good for you

Your friends are the ones who know you best, and they will say what they think if it’s for your good. If they believe that your partner is not right for you, listen. They will be there for you when your new pet will no longer be.

17. You compare your partner to other women or men

It is normal to find other people attractive, but not negatively comparing your lover with anyone who catches your eye.

18 . You try to find your ex

OK, you can be friends with his ex, it shows a certain measure of maturity. But if you try to find an ex and flirt with him, and then arrange to meet and get to ask “What if … ? ” Your current relationship is doomed to failure.

19. You hope they will change

When the first blissful months have passed, the conflict between your personalities becomes increasingly obvious. You may be able to turn your partner into someone who suits you best. Instead, try finding one that suits you perfectly.

20. You say ” I love you ” but do not think

Is there a nagging guilt you feel, when you say this, as if you were lying? You say it only because you have to say it, or to make him leave? So stop and spend more time with someone you really love, starting with yourself.