17 Signs That He Is Interested In You Romantically

Sometimes it is easy to tell if a guy is interested in you romantically. Other times, it is difficult because of mixed signals and simple ignorance on the part of women,  not to mention shyness and insecurity on the part of some men. Well, to never again feel uncertain about whether a man has a crush on you or not, see the amazing new signs that he is interested in you romantically and that he wants to be more than just friends: These are the telltale signs a guy is interested in you, with these signs you will be able to know how to tell if a guy is interested or better still understand the signs he is attracted to you.

Here are 10 small signs that perhaps show more clearly his intentions.

He offers an activity head-to-head

Obviously, this may be a friendly proposal. Except that you noticed the other day, he had a little trouble with his eyes off your body perfectly cast in your evening dress …
So you can confidently rely on the fact that in any case, he wants to know you more fully. A good start, right?

He looks at you on the sly when he thinks you are not looking

 He looks at you on the sly when he thinks you are not looking

without really knowing why, you feel you are being observed. You turn discreetly … And your eyes meet this man, your “prospect”, obviously fascinated by the line of your neck … Embarrassed, he quickly turns the look and plunges eagerly into a passionate conversation with the caller.

No doubt about it: the worst (and unless you have selected an outfit that attracts ALL the looks), you are intriguing to  him. At best: you are fascinating to him. This is one of the true signs he is attracted to you.

He stammers and blushes when he talks to you

When he finds himself alone with you, it is not at all the same. He begins to stammer, stutter or even to confuse his words. And he looks down, absorbed in a careful observation of the tip of his shoes.  But much more beautiful. This is so touching, a shy man, you say to yourself.

Above all, it is a good sign for you this: it is perfectly at ease with everyone, including women, but you make him lose his cool… To him you are definitely something different. There is good chance that this fact explains his nervousness. Show him that you also find him interesting. He should then be confident enough to come out clean and express his feelings.

He looks at you with fiery eyes

He looks at you with a burning desire in his eyes “, you know what it is, it is not just an expression caused by novels rose-water.  Eyes burning with desire, when he stares at you ( not to say anything else) with an intensity that is unusual. When he speaks to you, his eyes become brilliant.  Obviously this fiery eyes further intensifies, when he addresses a more personal subject, even intimate. And for you, it is only logical that in the heat of the coals, you melt completely.

This look is a good sign: He wants you to understand that with your presence, everything becomes more interesting, even exciting, including and especially your person. This is definitely a sign that he is into you.

He compliments you (on your outfit, your hair …)

Sometimes it is just a small note in passing, to tell you that you have good looks or you are radiant.
It can be one of two things: either your beautiful Adonis is gay or he finds you attractive! you can reasonably look at the second option. Warning: this does not necessarily mean that he is considering going out with you. But he likes you, which is still a good start right! As you get to know him, see if the trend continues, and it is by developing these little intelligence about men here and there that you know how to tell if a guy is interested.

Is everything you said really that interesting

As soon as you open your mouth, even if it is to tell him your last shopping trip or weekend outing with friends, he seems totally captivated by your speech. Intense gaze, attentive posture, head nodding at regular intervals and sometimes even light indentation in the jaw … He listens religiously and gulps your words as if you were revealing the secret of the origin of the world!

Again, it is most often a very positive sign. Especially if he bursts into laughter almost to exaggerate  your not-so-funny jokes.

It is a seduction technique unanswerable, admit that it is not unpleasant to feel that everything one says is highly spiritual! At first, you just have to wait a little, playing the mysterious woman. It should not take long for him to come clean though.

He talks about his very personal life

This is one of the big signs a guy is interested in you. Well, here it is for you to judge how this index can be revealing or not, depending on your initial level of complicity. With you, he opens up on his very personal life.
Verdict? What is certain is that he does feel confident with you and you have a special place in his life. Does he see you more as his best friend, good friend who has everything, or as a confidante who could become part of his very private life? That’s yours to discover, advance on tiptoe though, while trying not to be too invasive.

He responds immediately when you contact

It’s simple: He is always the first to respond when you send a group mail to suggest an activity, he comments on all your status on Facebook, you send a text message and you can be sure that in the hour, your phone will ring. Gentleman, as they say, to catch!

Again, they are two options. It may be that he is so idle and is without friends, so he seizes any opportunity to socialize to the maximum. There remains a second possibility: he wants to be part of your social life and not miss a chance to see you. But he is shy and therefore expects you to manifest. Next time, offer him an activity that will keep the both of you alone!

He asks about you from your friends

“For some time, you’ve noticed that this guy that does not leave you indifferent often asks about you, maybe a little innocently from your mutual friends.

There is little doubt to have: the fanatic is interested in you. Besides being charming, he’s smart, so you have every reason to indulge yourself when he finally offers to take you out for dinner in your favorite restaurant .

You know when he is nice to everyone except you

This time it is the opposite extreme. Mr. Sociable is super kind. He has a bunch of friends, he is very attentive, he has a kind of smile that reminds small problems everyone asks about. He also likes to joke, make brief celebration: it is good to live and see the world. Except you, apparently. Oddly, it does you “calculate” ever.  Before he says hello to you, you must be right in front of him, he seldom speaks to you or engage you in a conversation. And even when he does, he gives the impression of wanting to be anywhere but precisely in front of you. Moreover, he always shortens the conversation and wants it to end  as soon as possible. Although some may argue over whether this is one of the signs he is interested in you romantically.

Of course, maybe he just does not like you. But it may also be the fact that his heart skips a beat when he is around you and he is at a loss on how to face up to this. If you are interested, try anyway to make him understand.

He flirts with your friends

At first this may not seem like one of the signs he is interested,  yet it is another defense mechanism! Flirting with your friend, it is not likely to be rejected by you and hope that by the time he impress your girlfriend, she will act as an intermediary between you and him. It also gives him the chance to be near you at the same time give the impression that he is not desperate to be with you.

His friends flirt with you

This may seem a bit childish, but it is still common for a man to send his friend to you before he himself takes the leap and comes to talk to you. Being involved in a group, it feels precarious showing interest in you directly.

He talks about nothing in particular

Men love to talk about themselves – this is commonly known. The man in love, when faced with the object of his desire – you – can turn into a drooling wreck and be reduced to nonsense talk, this one sign that shows he is  romantically interested in you.

He talks about his terrible dates

It may seem that this is a friend and it is just ringing for a chat. However, when he takes to the habit of talking about his terrible dates, it is not just an excuse to call you, but he is also hoping that you will put an end to his sad single life and become his girlfriend.

He teases you

He Teases you

This is one of the more important signs he is interested in you romantically.

Now this may seem minor, it brings memories of the school yard and can be mildly annoying, too, but some men resort to childish behavior and express their interest by teasing. They could make a comment about your dress, hair, car – anything. In their minds, the attack is their only defense because they are seriously interested in and you are not entirely sure how to cope.

He claims he can not remember

You both met at a party months back and you remember him very well, but he intends to play it cool and pretend to have forgotten your name. He would have you believe that he was too busy to remember and that he is so popular that it is impossible to remember all the women he meets. Do not be fooled – he has not forgotten you at all.

Watch his shoulders

When a man loves a woman, he tends to push his shoulders to improve posture and look bigger and more muscular. This is a very common phenomenon and the result of a subconscious responses to liking a girl and trying to please, but it is not easy to control and it can happen in a flash.

When you do not know if the man is interested in you, the signs that he is interested in you romantically will guide you on how to analyze his behavior and discover if he is fallen head over heels in love with you.

Be careful, however, when reading the 17 signs that he is interested in you romantically so as  not to over analyze his actions! This is a typically feminine through: we pay attention to every gesture intent or meaning that sometimes exist only in our minds. Pay attention to avoid a potential disappointment …