15 Signs He Is Ready To Propose

After spending time and emotional energy on a relationship, it is not unusual to feel some level of frustration at the seemingly lack of progress of your relationship, but if you had a way tell if your guy was on the verge of popping the BIG question wouldn’t that make things better?

Well i in this piece, we examine the signs he is ready to propose. Recognizing a few these signs at play in your relationship should put you at ease knowing he is about ready to be engaged to you.

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1 – He is willing to share and talk with you about his future arrangements. He is not afraid to talk about marriage, starting a family and having children.

2 – He admires married couples and hopes he will one day be like them. He believes that marrying a person is the best thing that will ever happen in the life of a person and does not see it as a burden.

3 – He is like a magnet for children. He is very enthusiastic about having children and he becomes attached to newborns.

4 – He shows by his actions that a career is the second priority because you already hold first place. This is the major sign that he is ready to settle down with you.

5 –  He accepts and even expects to accompany you to events such as weddings and family outings. This is one the important signs that show he is ready to propose. In fact, this is because he now sees you as someone with whom he wants to spend the rest of his life with, this is why he is not scared of identifying with you in these social gatherings.

6 – He brings you back home to his mom. Men are usually wary of the woman they take home to meet with their mothers and the rest of the family. He knows that this is a sure sign to everyone that this is the woman he wants to marry and settle down with. If your man insists on you seeing  his family, you can be sure that he is serious and ready for commitment.

7 – He is not afraid of commitment. In reality, he is very eager to take on anything as long as you are there with him.

8 – He is responsible for his financial situation, because he knows that one day his family will rely on him for support.

9 – His life does not just revolve around bars. He always finds time to spend with you and does not mind spending it at home with you.

10 – He becomes more protection and possessive. A good sign is that   he will become more protective and possessive. He takes the role of “defender” and “protector” and will try to prove that you belong to him. It is a natural instinct that will surface in most men when they want to settle down and marry.

11 – He begins to open up to you more. A man takes time to open up to a woman. If he is not serious about you, nothing will make him open up and let you know his feelings and emotions. On the other hand, if he is serious about committing to you, he will think nothing of sharing his deepest feelings, fears and desires with you.

12 – Notice how he talks about the future. You can notice it in how he describes his plans in plural terms, using words such as “we” and “us.” This means that it is already considering you as someone with whom he is expecting to share the future with.

13 – Another way to know a man who wants to commit is when he does things for you that you normally should. Changing a light bulb, taking out your trash , taking your car to the workshop. When a man loves a woman, he wants to help.

14 – If the subject of marriage comes when you are with others and he avoids it like the plague and can’t even make positive comments about it , it is one of the sure signs he will propose. It definitely shows that he wants to be engaged to you soon.

15 – He is good with your friends. If he cares what your friends think and does things to please and connect with them, it’s a sure sign that he is ready to settle down and that he sees his long term future with you.

If he is ready for marriage, you’ll just have to wait  and he will propose. There will be no need to learn how to get him to propose first.