10 Ways To Catch His Attention Without Appearing Desperate

Once you realize that you’re interested in a guy, the hard part begins. Men are notoriously aloof about women liking them, and they often won’t pursue you romantically until it is clear that you’re interested. Consequently, you have to catch your crush’s attention first. Fortunately, there are some surefire ways to get him to notice you romantically without making yourself look desperate in the process. This article will show you how to catch his attention and keep it.

Ways To Catch His Attention Without Appearing Desperate

Get Involved In His Life

When relationships develop naturally, people show an interest in each other’s lives. By getting involved in his life, you establish naturally that you care for him. It isn’t creepy or pushy to care about someone, so you won’t come across as desperate.

To get involved in his life, start by simply asking how he is when you see him. Listen to his answer sincerely. Avoid talking about yourself excessively, but do carry on a normal conversation that involves sharing your own concerns and stories as they relate to his. The more he feels like you are a loving part of his life, the more he may consider the special role he wants you to have within it.

Ask for His Help

By nature, most guys are “fixers.” They like to help solve people’s problems, and they feel closer to friends who rely upon them. You shouldn’t pretend to be needy or helpless, though, because those are unattractive qualities. Instead, try to ask for his advice or opinions when questions come up naturally in conversation.

Look for opportunities to ask for his help in the things about which he cares. For instance, if you know he’s really into cars, ask for a recommendation for a mechanic. Talk to him about your need for new tires or the funny noise your engine makes to find out what he thinks might be causing it. If he feels as if he has a special place in your life helping you out, it will stand out to him that you appreciate his talents.

Be Yourself Confidently

No man is worth trying to change who you are, no matter how much you like him. When trying to catch his attention, don’t make yourself out to be someone else. Don’t act insecure and as if you’ll be whoever he wants you to be either. Even if you do manage to win his affection by changing yourself, he’ll be disappointed later on to discover that you really aren’t the girl who caught his eye. You’ll be disappointed, as well, when you realize he doesn’t love you for you.

Show Your Silly Side

Few traits are as attractive to men as a sense of humor. The best part about humor is that it, in no way, appears desperate. You can make a guy laugh, participate in silly activities, and all the while be winning his admiration without ever looking as if you are needy. By showing your silly side, you will also be giving him a little something to remember you by, which helps to get and keep his attention.

Flirt a Little

It may seem obvious, but flirt with the man you are crushing on! A little flirtation is a great way of showing him how you feel about him, and it’s perfectly normal to flirt. As long as you aren’t inappropriately affectionate or unaware of personal boundaries, flirting will convince him that you are not only interested, but also fun to be around. So go ahead and gaze at him a little longer than usual with a big smile on your face, then dart your eyes away when he glances at you. He’ll notice, and he’ll get the message.

Make Him Feel Special

Of course, if you flirt with a lot of other guys, too, then you’ll be sending him mixed messages. You’ll also look as if you just want somebody – anybody – to love. Make it clear that your feelings for him are special, and that they are for him only.

For example, when you hang out in a group of friends all together, don’t brush up against other guys or spend too much time gazing at anyone else. Be sure that the way you talk with other men in the group isn’t as eager or personal as when you talk with him. Guys tend to assume that girls who have a lot of close male friends aren’t interested in romance.

Be Approachable

When a man finds that every time he reaches out to a woman she is too busy for him, he doesn’t think about her as much, so be approachable. If he starts to talk about something he cares about that bores you completely, you don’t have to lie and act as if you love it, too, but you should listen anyway. In the process, you’ll make it clear that he can approach you and be comfortable with you regardless of the subject, activity, or time.

Just be sure that you don’t take it too far. If you set your life aside every time he comes around, all he is going to notice is that you don’t know who you are and don’t spend your time on valuable things. Keep your plans and your own interests. When he asks for time with you, there is no shame in telling him you need to reschedule. He’ll see that you have a life and that you care about making him a part of it.

Find Things In Common

As much as a guy is going to appreciate that you’ll listen to him to talk about football even though it’s not your sport, what will stand out to him even more is if you have a few things in common. Something as small as enjoying going out for dessert will catch his attention if he enjoys the same thing.

Once you’ve figured out what you have in common with him, be sure to start enjoying whatever it is together. Invite him along when you participate in a hobby you both enjoy. If you both love cat pictures, email him the best ones you find occasionally.

Stay In Touch

Compared to most girls, guys have short-term memories. If he only sees you once a month, he may never think of you romantically, so stay in touch. Send occasional emails and texts. You don’t have to be obnoxious or persistent. Just find things to say every so often that will keep you on his mind and involved in his life.

Dress Nice, But Don’t Overdo It

Last but not least, dress nicely. You shouldn’t wear the sexiest outfits you can find or dress in ways that are inappropriate for the weather or the event you are attending, because then you will look as if you are trying too hard to be noticed. At the same time, if you dress too casually and for comfort alone, it’s unlikely that he’ll notice how attractive you are. Take the time to do your hair and makeup. Pick out outfits that flatter your figure and that are appropriate for the context you are in. He’ll always notice that you look great!

Getting your crush to pay attention to you is as easy as following these ways to catch his attention.