10 Signs That a Man is in Love With a Woman

In the early days of a relationship with a man, a woman is always anxious to know if her suitor is actually in love with her. After a date, a woman often thinks about what she should have said or done and how she would go about doing it better. And the fateful question finally arrives: does he even care?signs he is in love with you

signs he is in love with you

Here are 10 signs that show a man is in love with a woman.
1) He loves you as you are.

Ever, your man is trying not to change you and appreciates you as you are, for better or for worse! He loves you but also with out the makeup.

2) He shares your dreams and goals.

A man who advises you, helps you, guides you and provides a  shoulder to lean on is certainly a man in love …

3) He takes part in the action.

If your faucet leaks and if your boyfriend is trying to fix it before you call a plumber, this is because he wants to impress you and therefore be important to you. Simple but very true!

4) He satisfies your every desire.

This another one of the signs he is in love with you. What better proof of love than a man who is trying by all means to please and satisfy you.

5)  He imitates you.

If a man begins to take to the habits of the woman with whom he goes out, it is likely that he is very much in love.

6) It takes care of your sexual pleasure before taking care of his.

No comment!

7) You communicate freely on all subjects.

We can not say it enough, a couple that do not communicate is a dead couple.

8) He protects you.

A man does not protect that which has no value in his eyes …

9) He respects you and treats you like a queen.

If a man treats you as a “friend of the regiment” then run away!

10) He asks you to participate in his life

He may prompt you to move in with him to introduce you to his family or friends …